Can You Meet Your Soulmate in DOTA2?

Video games have long ceased to be just a single format of entertainment, becoming a social tool, thanks to which people can even communicate with each other, share their thoughts and simply make new acquaintances without even leaving their homes.

It often happens when people can even find their soulmates in video games, with whom they can then enjoy their favorite game together. We are going to give you advice on how to do everything right if you want to find a loved one in DOTA2.

You can meet a good person in a game quite unexpectedly

Yes, you can have a profile on a dating site, meet beautiful brides or any other girls, and wait for a response. But maybe it will not be so interesting to talk to potential candidates. Another thing is when a person with similar interests and hobbies appears on the other side of the monitor. So, why not make conversation while playing online?

Usually, it is easy to get to know each other during a game

People already have the topic for conversation. And gradually, the interest of the players to each other will only be heated. There will be new questions, disputes, discussions. Even if online communication starts to fade away, one of the players will easily resume the conversation on the same entertainment topic at any moment. Long pauses and awkwardness during the game just will not arise. And this is a prerequisite to the fact that the acquaintance will not be limited to one day, and communication will become permanent.

Gradually, the sphere of interest will expand somewhat

You will talk not only about your favorite DOTA2 but also about your personal life, hobbies, work, and so on. You will get used to each other and become closer. All this can lead to a strong friendship and even become the beginning of a love story.

How to find a soulmate?

  • Try to be polite with everyone

You can be kind and polite with your potential soulmate in a private room but don’t forget about other participants! And if in personal chat, you send witty complements, and, at the same time, in public room, you write swear words to someone, a new acquaintance may think that you are not so nice person and just will stop communicating.

  • Don’t be afraid

In the real world, there is a fear of being rejected due to objective reasons. In a bar, a cafe or a club, chances are assessed quickly, and failures can be harsh and painful. In DOTA2, everything is not so. So, be bolder and act confidently. Try! If it doesn’t work out, you can always find someone new.

  • Be yourself

Even in DOTA2, try to be yourself. You don’t see each other through the game. You just get the impression of each other. So, don’t disappoint your potential soulmate. Moreover, you can overcome your complexes and get to know a person well from various sides.

  • Don’t stand out

For example, girls don’t like when men try to assert themselves. And it is much worse if men do it underestimating girls’ achievements in the game. Therefore, don’t constantly talk about your high scores in the game. Don’t forget: this is an early stage of dating, and a person thinks not about you, but about the game. Don’t even think of saying nonsense like: “Perhaps you will grow to my level one day” or “Without me, you wouldn’t have passed this level”. People are quite touchy nowadays. Someone may not tolerate phrases like this.

  • Remember that your future partner is also a gamer

You are lucky. A person with whom you chat also loves games, moreover, you like the same game. At first, try to think of a person as a friend who can help you in a mission. “Hey, honey, I need help!” – no gamer will refuse. So, this is the first phrase that can become your starting point.

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