5 Proven Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Truly Stand Out

Facebook Page set up is relatively easy and just a few clicks away, given that billions of people already own Facebook accounts. The question however is, how well are you able to harness what a Facebook page has to offer?

Social media is key to internet marketing and more and more people are beginning to exploit the shrinking line between social and commerce to grow their businesses while connecting socially.

With over 2 billion monthly active users Facebook is one such leading social networks handing smart business owners tools and resources to grow and promote their brands and businesses, enabling them to drive growth to web, mobile and more.

Millions of businesses have a Facebook Page with many in the process of creating one. This means business owners must become increasingly more creative in creating and managing their respective business pages to stand out from the crowd.

In the following paragraphs we’ll highlight what a Facebook Page is, how to create one and how to make your FB Page stand out, but first

What is a Facebook Page?

Your Facebook profile allows you a maximum of 5, 000 friends to interact, relate, share and connect with. With friends of your friends you can also have access to even more people not directly in your friend list.

A Facebook page on the other hand is a public profile for brands, businesses, organizations, public figures, and anyone who wishes to publicly promote what they are or do. Those who like your page automatically become fans and there’s no limit to how many fans a business page can have. 

Like on a normal profile, you can post videos, photos, quotes, articles, links, etc, on your page to reach and engage your fans. This can be used for adverts, product announcements, promos, contests, giveaways, and so on.

Visitors can also learn more about a brand/business by looking at their Facebook page which displays company name, contact info, working hours, customer’s comments/interaction, rating. etc.

10 Simple Steps to Create Your First Facebook Page

Even though Facebook page set up seems easy, not everyone is a natural DIYer, and not every DIYer can do it correctly. In this post we’ll learn and see how to set up a Facebook Page that rocks.

Step 1: Create a Page

If already signed in navigate to Pages or Create Page on your device. You can create a page for a celebrity, band, business, community or public figure.

Step 2: Choose a Page Category

Choose a page category to connect your page to the people other Facebook users.

Step 3: Add Profile Picture

Add high quality high resolution images or photos that reflect your brand, say your logo, mascot, or other recognizable brand elements for easy recognition.

Step 4: Add Cover Photo

Pages with cover photos tend to get more attention. Again use images that have some relation to your brand, industry, or select from one of your most popular brand images.

Step 5: Create Username

Pick a username that is either exactly or as close as possible to your known business name. Most handles are already taken, hence you may require some level of creativity to come up with something apt, unique, catchy, and still represents your brand.

Usernames are usually 50 characters long.

Step 6: Fill in and Edit “About” Info

Hopefully, there’s a lot to be said about your business, brand or project. This section is designed to help you convey as much info about your brand as possible. Consider it as SEO.

Every “edit” field should be filled out for maximum visibility and exposure. You can always do this at a later time.

Step 7: Tell Your Brand Story

People are captivated and intrigued by stories. Marketers know this. HollyWood is a multi-billion dollar (visual) storytelling industry. Tell your brand story the best way you can. Hire a good copywriter if you have to.

You can also add team members and set admin plus assign roles to each member.

Step 8: Further Settings

Here you can adjust the settings seen below as you please by either clicking on items in the left tab or by editing those on the right tab.

Most of these have default settings or values but also allow room for customization and personalization for business page optimization.

Step 9: Add CTA Button

What do you want fans or visitors to do on or after visiting your Facebook Page, buy, subscribe, click to learn more..? Here’s your chance to tell them that in a fancy way, with a call to action button.

Here you can also invite friends to like your page plus see how many have responded with the progress bar as shown above.

Stage 10: Create Your First Post

Now all is set and you’re set to create your very first Facebook Page post, much in the same way you’ll create a post from your personal Facebook profile or account.

Pay great attention to the type of posts you publish. Make sure they’re relevant, helpful and connect with your audience. According to a 2014 report 32% of them unlike or unfollow businesses for publishing uninteresting posts, and 28% for posting too much. 

5 Proven Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Truly Stand Out


Remember first impressions? Well it still counts in 2019. Some of the first things visitors to your page will notice include your profile picture, cover photo, fonts, colors, logo, etc. These are all important elements of style.

Spend some time here to create visually appealing look that attracts and holds visitors attention. On Facebook people will judge your book by it’s cover, so make sure it truly represents your brand, business or personality.

For best results use an image with 820px by 360px resolution. Facebook cover photo displays – 820px wide by 312px tall on computers, and for smartphones – 640px wide and 360px tall.

Using images with smaller resolution means Facebook will stretch the image which could blur it on rendering.

2. Post Regularly

Want to keep your Facebook Page active and top of mind of fans and followers? Post regularly, but with caution. As mentioned earlier, overposting turns off 28% of Facebook Page followers.

Posting regularly also increases the chances of your content showing up in people’s feeds and getting visibility. Also, monitor which posts garner the most engagement, views, responses, likes, comments, shares, plus what time of day this happens more. Then try to publish your posts around that time of day or week subsequently. It should always be quality over and above quantity.

Reports say posts with pictures or videos do better than those without. So include relevant visuals with your posts for maximum impact. 

3. Start a Facebook Contest

One of the best performing post types is contests or giveaways. People love free stuff or competitive activities. Including these in your Facebook Page post routine can spike your engagement levels to new highs.

If it goes viral you could be trending without ending, and for the right reasons. It will increase brand mentions, word of mouth, referrals, branded hashtags, etc. All of these can greatly benefit your brand or business venture giving you more visibility and exposure.

Above all, you’ll get repeat visitors plus drive new traffic to your landing page or website from where you can land new subscribers into your funnel where you may nurture them to maturity and conversion.

4. Engage Followers

Engagement is key to social media marketing, no thanks to a plethora of digital distractions. Highly engaged followers make good customers and Facebook has the highest engagement rate of all social networks, making it even more obvious when you fail to really engage.

To stand out, you need to connect with your fans or followers on a deep level. Netflix has an active page where they connect with and engage followers. Ensure to acknowledge and respond to followers comments ASAP, it makes them feel valued, special like royalty (and didn’t they say the customer is king!).

A deep understanding of your customers or followers and their idiosyncrasies will help you create the type of content they crave, that resonates with them, which will help to up your engagement levels. Also measure engagement levels using metrics like likes, shares, comments, etc, which are available in your Page Insights.

5. Check the Competition

If you’re having a hard time managing and improving your page, checking out the competition isn’t a bad idea. In fact, smart marketers do it all the time. There are many software and tools designed to help you spy on your competitors.

Ahrefs for instance, has competitor analytics tools that tell you just how well or bad your competitors are doing. By observing and analysing other successful pages you can learn what they’re doing.

By doing what they’re doing you will learn what works for you and what doesn’t. With a little creativity you can come up with new ideas for improving your Facebook Page. There’s no shame in learning from other successful pages, even if they’re competitors.


Creating a Facebook Page has many business benefits including the ability to run ads to grow and promote your business. However, beyond creating a page, you need to make it stand out from other 80 million business pages.

In this post we have learned how to create a Facebook Page and how to make it stand out from the crowd. Let us know your experience with your business page.

Author Bio:

Amos Onwukwe is an AWAI trained Business and Ecommerce Copywriter featured in Huffington Post, Dumb Little Man, Self Growth, Ecommerce Nation, eCommerce Insights, Understanding Ecommerce, Result First, Floship, Successful Startup 101, Small Biz Club, Small Business Bonfire, among others. You can find him on Twitter @amos_onwukwe.

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