Adventure tourism: The responsibility

I like adventure tourism that is independent and aware, I like the freedom to be able to manage my own scripts, to draw my way and to venture into isolated bands. And I also think it’s important that adventure tourism is responsible and sustainable.

In my view, adventure tourism must involve the local community. And it also must, if necessary, embrace a company that is serious and trustworthy. But as I said, I support independent tourism as long as it’s done with knowledge and security. Otherwise, I raise the banner of responsible commercial tourism because no one has the obligation to know whether to explore on their own, moreover, we are talking about risky activities that must be done with maximum preparation.

The big question for me is not how adventure tourism is consumed, but the awareness that must be possessed of all levels involving this type of activity. Some spend thousands of dollars going up the mountain. Okay, whatever. But this is no reason to be released from responsibility, especially in terms of safety itself, concern for the environment and minimal impact.

Independent adventure tour

If you consider independent mode the best way to practice adventure tours, it doesn’t matter. Do you feel comfortable, fit, and experienced enough to stand alone? Remember that independent adventure travel is very complex and involves a high level of planning besides requiring the right equipment. Read this

And, regardless of their level of experience, the possibility of an accident is always there. Therefore, travelers must be prepared to face possible risks. In addition, thorough site studies are very important to minimize errors and ensure the success of outdoor trips. Complying with local laws and regulations is also part of preparation.

In addition, the pursuit of knowledge is very important for the growth of activities. Search for courses, train yourself, join certain clubs, and get involved with people who have the same goals as you. Prepare yourself as best you can. An easy example, you don’t want to lose time orientation in the midst of your adventure. A Seiko Prospex might help you as it has a high enough resistance to impact.

Serious company

The law of supply and demand is present in every market, and the world of adventure travel is no different. The problem is that demand is influenced by the preferences of end consumers, who evaluate prices and ease of purchase of products or services. But just because we talk about experience, we talk about traveling outside and we talk about something that involves safety and environmental preservation. And that’s not a joke.

That is why it is important to look for companies that are serious, accredited and legalized. Be careful of companies that, for example, place 40 people on the track. It should also be noted that there is no problem in hiring independent guides, but ask for direction, references, and see if they are accredited and experienced enough to guide you.

Your security

Your security cannot be ignored. If you are going to explore independently, take adventure insurance and go with communication equipment. There is no point in being convinced, but there is no instrument to ask for help.

If an adventure trip is done with a company, check whether it offers insurance that includes adventure and nature. Insurance is additional security for the customer if something unplanned happens and ensures that there will be some kind of assistance.

Suitable equipment

Every activity carried out in the middle of nature requires certain equipment. And care must be greater if you employ a company. Be aware of the conditions and quality of the ingredients. Of course, but they must always function properly. Some teams have certification seals, both national and international. But not at all, so it is necessary to check material conditions (conditions of appearance, cleaning and storage).

In addition, everyone must be independent and have all the important equipment with him – even if he runs in groups or with several contracted companies. Remember: You are responsible for yourself.

Ecological responsibility

Always think about the minimum impact. Always act according to environmental rules in your adventure.

First aid

Create a complete first aid kit – and find out the correct use of all the drugs you put in your kit. To make it easier, make a small index of improvements and the correct application. And check the condition of the contractor’s first aid kit and get your special care in your backpack. It is important to always be ready to face the unexpected. You are the only one who is responsible for you.

Yes, you are fully responsible for that person. And it doesn’t matter if you hire a company to take you to a certain location. Be responsible, know and respect your boundaries. Self-hydration, feed and stay warm. The best person to care for you is yourself. Water, food, sunscreen, and flashlights will never be lost in a backpack.

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