5 Common Misconceptions About Data Loss and Recovery Technology Busted!

There are always certain myths about data loss and recovery technology. Most of these misconceptions are a result of a misunderstanding. Different people hardly know about solid-state drives, hard drives, RAID arrays, among other devices.

However, when you have a problem with any technological device, you must be familiar with the basics. You need to have a clue about the data recovery science tech. Here are some myths that you must know  

  • SSDs are more reliable 

Solid-state drives are less susceptible to direct physical damage as they have no moving parts. Most will argue that they are more reliable. However, that will depend on various factors. It includes one’s data storage habits as well as SSD’s garbage collection techniques. 

You must know that digital storage devices can fail at one point in time. The solid-state drives are susceptible to data corruption as compared to hard drives. 

You must store all vital data in at least these two physical drives. Or you can decide to use cloud backup services. 

  • If data gets deleted, it’s gone forever. 

Data loss is inevitable. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t recover it. You need to be in contact with agencies that offer a tech solution service. It will enable you to recover all deleted files. Stand a chance to get professional services so that you don’t accidentally overwrite any data while trying to use the data recovery software.  

When you accidentally delete files from the solid-state drives, you need to allow for a favorable data recovery prognosis. When you delete files from an SSD, you must call a tech company with immediate effect.

  •  you can use data recovery software at home to recover anything 

Here’s another myth that you must know. When you try to run a data recovery software on any physically damaged device, you might cause damage. It could inhibit full recovery.

The damage can result in the data getting lost forever. And there are no data recovery tactics that may restore the files that become affected.

You must be careful whenever you receive a ‘file corruption error.’ It’s easy to believe that the software is inhibiting data from getting accessed as usual. On the off chance, you become wrong; the software might cause immerse damage than you can imagine.

  • The RAID with sufficient redundancy is an efficient data backup policy 

The Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks enables multiple devices to perform work in tandem. It thus allows faster data access as well as more excellent protection against the occurrence of downtime.

Many servers use RAID to make sure the hard drive failure does not have a significant impact on the mission-critical system. However, you should depend on RAID as your entire backup. The array could fail at any time. The outcome might be catastrophic. You need to back up the RAID arrays as well as any critical system regularly. 

  • One can recover data lost data from a hard drive after putting it in a freezer

It’s one of the most prevalent data misconceptions. Did you know that hard drive failure is as a result of seized read/write heads? When an individual tries to freeze the hard drive, they can un-stick the drive heads. Thus, copying off the data even before the hard drive returns to average temperature.

You ought to know that trying to freeze the hard drive can result in severe problems. The issue could affect the entire recovery prognosis.

You will quickly find that people trying the ‘freezer trick’ hardly have any access to the specialized coolers used for this purpose. When they put their hard drives in the freezers, the hard drive gets exposed to moisture. It causes the drive’s temperature to drop below the freezing point. The printed circuit boards get damaged, among other severe issues.  

When you have a hard drive that displays physical damages, you must neither turn it on nor put it in a freezer, oven, or microwave. It’s paramount that you contact any professional data loss and recovery agency to know the ideal way forward. It’s because the read/write head tech has progressed over the years.

Whenever you have a problem with data loss, you ought to get a tech solution service. Data recovery technicians can make a quick replacement on the damaged components, thus bring the drive into a functionality state.

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