5 Advantages of Brewing With a French Press

If you’re a coffee drinker, you know that how you brew your coffee is just as crucial as the types of beans you’re brewing.

And thanks to the inelegance of standard countertop coffee makers, wasteful single-serve pod and disc coffee makers, and the overly extravagant espresso bar, French presses are more popular than ever.

In fact, a French press coffee maker has several advantages that make using it the first choice for coffee lovers everywhere.

Check out our top five reasons below, and see if you’re unconvinced after!

1. French Presses are Easy to Use

First and foremost, a french press machine is a thing of simplicity.

This is an especially crucial advantage for people new to drinking coffee and those who are unimpressed with frills. Also, you probably don’t have all the time in the world to devote to complex devices every morning.

How easy?

Consider these simple tips from Illy:

  1. Add one heaping tablespoon of the ground coffee per 6.7 ounces of water to the French press pot
  2. Carefully pour hot water into the pot, ensuring the water isn’t boiling and you have a secure grip on the French press’s handle.
  3.  Gently stir the coffee and water mixture.
  4. Insert the plunger into the pot and let it rest for 3-4 minutes above the coffee/water line.
  5. Then, slowly and steadily press the plunger down until it touches the bottom.

Voila! With that, you have delicious French press coffee.

2. French Presses are Small

For many people, size is a factor when it comes to kitchen appliances.

Even if you have a massive kitchen with plenty of countertop space, that doesn’t mean you necessarily want a full barista bar taking up a lot of it.

And size is another advantage of the French press. Most weigh about two pounds and take up the same amount of space as your average water kettle.

After you’ve made your morning brew, you can clean and dry the press and tuck it away in the cabinet. It’s small stature makes it portable as well, so when you head out on a road trip or other excursion, you can bring it along.

3. French Presses Can Suit Any Budget

You can buy a fantastic French press for about $20-$40. This makes it a very wallet-friendly option for just about any household.

Unless you want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a French press, like with this GJM French press, which is completely your choice!

But in all seriousness, their affordability when it comes to the initial purchase is a French press advantage. Also, since they’re manual devices, they add zero dollars to your monthly electric bill.

4. French Presses Enhance Texture and Taste

People adore French pressed coffee due to its incredible mouth feel and undeniably rich flavor.

It’s design allows the French press to really bring out the flavor of your coffee of choice. This is especially true once you come to understand the perfect coffee to water ratio and your ideal coffee temperature.

While on the topic of coffee preferences, roast style also comes into play here. In general, you can brew whatever ground coffee you like in a French press.

However, those who prefer light roasts will find that a French press brewer may be their best bet. This is due to the fact that a French press has a longer brew cycle than say a traditional drip coffee maker or a single-serve device.

And the longer it takes to brew, the more chance it has to bring out the depth of flavor of light roasts. You can learn more about that with this article by Taylor Lane.

5. French Presses Allow for Temperature Control

Traditional countertop drip coffee makers do not allow for temperature control. Same goes for cold brew devices.

While the first makes them scaldingly hot, the second makes them as cold as your fridge.

But if you’re a bit finicky about having your cup of coffee at a precise temperature, French presses are the brewer to make that happen.

You boil fresh water, wait until it isn’t at a boil, and then add it to the press whenever you like.

Over time, you’ll figure out when the water is at your ideal temperature and be able to recreate it morning after morning with your French press.


There are a lot of wonderful coffee makers out there. But there is just something (or rather several things, as we’ve seen) special about a classic French press.

And now is the perfect opportunity for you to try it for yourself. Enjoy!

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