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Screen recorder is a tool that can prove to be extremely useful if you wish to share some gossip filled conversation with your friends or to make a tutorial based on video guidance on your iDevice. The sad news is that iOS will not let its users make use of the screen recorder app. Hence today we have decided to bring you this amazing app known with the name iRec 2.0 which you can easily install without a PC on your iDevice supporting at least iOS 9/10. The most amazing thing regarding this app is that it operates on the iDevice without having to jailbreak it and you can easily save your screen video to your Camera Roll then. Hence without wasting a single more second, we should begin making videos of our iPhone screens through the iRec 2.0 screen recorder that too without a PC…..

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Update: iRec 2.0 for iOS 10 cannot be used anymore without assistance from your PC or Jailbreaking your iDevice. There is another choice for this. The recent most version of this iRec app will work on all iOS versions starting from 9, iOS 10 without having to jailbreak.

iRec 2.0 screen recorder iOS 9/10 without computer No jailbreak

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  1. You first need to visit this link from your iPhone’s Safari web browser.
  2. Hit the Install button given in green and wait for a window to pop up.
  3. When the pop up window appears, choose the button for Install. This is only requiring your consent for installation of the screen recorder onto your iPhone.
  4. Then click the home button and allow the iRec Screen Recorder to finish installing on the iOS 9/10 device.
  5. When iRec is done installing, visit your phone’s Settings and go to General then to Profile. You should trust the profile developer that has manufactured the screen recorder.
  6. When you have done this, go back to your home screen and launch the App of Screen Recorder. This app will appear in Chinese language.
  7. There is no way you can turn the app to English, but we are here to guide you on how to navigate through the app. When the app is launched, start swiping your screen from right to left and click the button given in blue, an interface will appear.
  8. You will then be given two options. The first one would be for making a recording of your iPhone’s screen in the mode for landscape and the second option would be to make a screen video in portrait mode.
  9. Simply choose any one of the options and let your microphone get access to this recording. Hit the Home button, do the recording, launch the iRec app again and simply finish the recording. access to start the recording.
  10. When you will stop this recording, you can find this recorded video in the app of the screen recorder. You will need to save it in your Camera Roll.
  11. To save the video in your Camera Roll, click the Chinese text at the top left side of the screen which will begin the ‘Selection’ function.
  12. Select the video once, it will choose the made video file and then hit the center button.
  13. A window will pop up asking for your consent to save the video in your photos app, let it do its job and this screen video will then be saved in your Camera Roll.
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When you are done with saving, you can remove the screen video from iRec Screen Recorder App and keep your storage clean.

Install iPhone Screen Recorder without jailbreak, no computer needed

Screen recording may not comply with the policies of Apple but it will never stop us from doing so.  Unlimapps has done it this time around guys. You can easily download and install the screen recorder with the name of “Every cord” on your iPhone without the need of Jailbreaking. To do this all you have to do is read and obey the step wise instructions given below.

  1. The first thing you will have to do is remove all of your iPhone browsing history. This you can do by visiting the Settings section of your iPhone and then go to Safari and simply remove all the history and cache.
  2. You will then have to go to this link in your Safari browser and give sometime for a pop up to be displayed. It will require your consent for installing the Every cord app. Hit the Install button and visit back your Home Screen.
  3. In a few seconds, this recording app will install on your iPhone and you will have to trust the developer of the profile. To do this launch the Settings then go to General and then to Profiles section and here you can trust the profile developer with the Every Cord app.
  4. You should then go to your Home Screen and begin using the amazing recording screen app on your iPhone.

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