5 of the Best Vaping Apps You Should Test

It’s no secret that the popularity of vaping is exploding. The industry is growing, and vapers are looking for ways and products that improve their vaping experience. Technology experts have found the vaping industry challenging to ignore. Consequently, they have come up with apps that enhance the overall experience of vapers.

Currently, vape apps are available for Android, iPhone, and other devices. These come with features and options that appeal to even the most experienced vapers. Most experienced vapers use these apps every day. Some are ideal for researching, shopping, or creating e-liquid recipes.

Even a person that uses the best vaporizer can use a vaping app to enhance their experience in some ways. But, with so many vaping apps available, choosing the best option can be a challenge. That’s why it’s good to know the best vaping apps to test. Here are the top 5 apps to try.

1. Vaffle

This App was introduced in 2018. Facebook and YouTube are becoming unfriendly to vaping and vapers. Vaffle is designed to fill the void created by the unfriendliness of Facebook and YouTube towards vapers. It combines the communal aspect provided by Facebook with an Instagram-like format. This App is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Currently, the application is flooded with vape stars and personalities. It is dedicated to vapers and vaping. So, if you want to share your experience with the best vaporizer, this app might provide an ideal place to do that. It has a clean interface and everything that probably makes you like a significant app.

Once you open this App, you get a social platform with a general feed, a personal feed, and the vape reviews’ tab. Vape reviewers can also upload their short videos from this pp. they can also connect with their YouTube account to share longer content.

What’s more, this application features a section for vape tools. This section features a vape diary, an e-liquid DIY, and a vape calculator. The user can also add their dry herb vaporizer or any other vaping device and the App will show users with similar gear.

2. Vape Boss 

Research has shown that vape shops are making many health claims about vaping, some of which are false or misleading. Some vapers have, therefore, opted to use an app that enables them to network and share their experiences with different vaping devices.

Vape Boss is a full-fledged platform that enables vapers to network and share their vaping experiences. The platform is complete with social networking, shopping, picture sharing, news, tips, and much more.

This vaping app was launched in 2014, and it was meant to be an all-encompassing and free one-stop resource for the vaping community. Only a few clicks enable users to locate the nearby vape shops, product reviews, the best portable vaporizer, e-liquids, or the place to purchase, trade, sell, or share their vape products.

Vape Boss features an intuitive, clean interface, and it can be customized to suit the needs of the user. A vaping retailer can also use it to promote their business.

3.The Vape Tool 

Maybe you’ve not been lucky to find the best weed vaporizer. Therefore, you want to build a tool that will adjust for varying wraps, wire diameters, spacing, and even more. Many coil calculators are available for modern vapers. Most vaping apps are one-trick ponies. However, The Vape Tool is a multipurpose app that works and even excels in what it’s meant to do.

This multi-functional tool is ideal for vapers that lack time to jump from one app to another, trying to measure ohms, build coils, or benchmark the life of the device battery. It’s an Android-exclusive app that provides top-notch coil building capabilities. Using it, adjusting wraps, spacing, and wire diameters becomess easy.

When this is added to the full-featured, ohm’s law tool, as well as recipe and juice mixing function and a battery life calculator, a vaper gets an excellent one-stop resource for any scenario.

4. Vapertrack 

Vapertrack is an app that enables a vaper to calculate the number of cigarettes they have not smoked from the moment they stopped smoking and the amount of money they have saved. This App provides guesses at the level of improvement in the health of the user since they switched from smoking to vaping. With this application, a vaper can record their expenses on vaping stuff like weed vaporizer and e-juices. It also enables the user to edit or add the e-liquid recipes they like.

For enhanced convenience, the App can be added as a widget to the home screen of a mobile device. That way, the App shows the number of traditional cigarettes the user has not smoked. What’s more, It shows different achievements to motivate the user to vape instead of smoke. It is, unusually, impressive considering the mounting evidence that vaping is potentially less harmful than smoking by up to 95%.

5. DaVinci Vaporizer 

It is an app development company that enables the user to craft their own vaping experience by allowing them to explore different capabilities of DaVinci IQ. Such skills include precision temperature control, information resources, and real-time tracking. This App can be connected to the best herb vaporizer via Bluetooth. With this App, a vaper can turn the vaporizer on from a mobile phone. Its vibration alerts, Smart Path, temperature unit, and Stealth Mode can also be customized.

The information resources of this application and support portal are easily accessible. These can be used to answer essential and common questions about the best vaporizer for dry herb or other vaping devices and accessories. What’s more, this App can be used to track and record the vapor path of the user.

The Bottom Line

Whether a vaper uses the best cannabis vaporizer or any device to vape, there is an app that can enhance their overall vaping experience. The market is awash with vaping apps designed to enhance a vaper’s involvement in some ways. The most important thing is to conduct some research to identify an app that makes customizing or improving the vaping experience possible.

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