What are the best Prank Calling Apps today?

Ownage Pranks

Are you tired of failing time and time again when making a prank call by apps?

If you don’t have nerves of steel and typically crack up over the phone, then the Ownage Pranks app offers exactly what you need.  

Containing over 100 automated prerecordings, many feature hilarious characters from their popular youtube channel such as Buk Lau and Tyrone. 

Every prank script provides a unique prank scenario- A angry caller warning you to stay away from his girl or a neighbour demanding your Wifi password. Some prank scripts top performers include ‘Stop Calling My Number’ and ‘You Hit My Car’.

With so many at your disposal, you’ll have a hard time getting through them all! Voice acting is also top-notch and the sheer variety offered makes this prank app among the very best today. 

Calls are also saved, enabling you to listen to your friend’s reactions afterwards and to share to others. 

During prank calls prerecordings are automated to play instantly, fooling others into believing they’re interacting with a real person on the line. 

What makes a prerecording appear so human-like is the apps ability to analyze speech and thus responding at the correct times. 

Fake Call- Prank

If making a prank call to someone else isn’t your thing then perhaps an incoming call would prove more interesting. ‘Fake Call- Prank’ is an app which lets you schedule a fake incoming call to your phone. 

But how does a fake call translate into a prank? Let me explain.

When receiving an incoming call, you can create any prank scenario you wish. For example, if you’re stuck in a work meeting and desperately need to leave, a fake call lets you create a reason allowing you to go without suspicion, i.e. a pet emergency. 

The app is also straightforward to use- to make a call immediately press tap now, and for delayed calls, you can set a timer. Other than its primary function it also lets you personalize your fake caller by designating it a phone number, name and picture. 

During phone calls, for anyone feeling awkward engaging in an imaginary conversation, you can record an audio file to speak with, making conversations flow better and appearing more real. 

Magic call – Voice changer app

If you’re a natural prankster who can easily improvise during a prank call then what you may need is a good voice changer app. 

While you may routinely fool strangers, prank calling a close friend can be a bit more challenging as they are more likely to recognize your voice. 

The Magic call- Voice changer app immediately resolves this issue by completely transforming your voice with a variety of different sound options offered.  

What makes this a stand-out compared to other similar voice changer apps is that sound modifications can be achieved during real-time phone calls. Changing in real-time saves you the effort of having to make a recording beforehand. 

Want to avoid suspicion entirely throughout a call? Change your gender by choosing either to be a male or female. Others include Dream girl, Cartoon and Kid. 

If you want more variety, you can also play background effects to spice up the prank call- pretend you’re on the road by playing the ‘Traffic’ sound or a music festival by using ‘Concert’.

Prank Call Panda

Prank Call Panda is another fantastic prank calling app that features a wide array of prank scripts (with new ones added weekly) voiced by UK and US comedians.

Although the number of prank scripts isn’t quite as vast as Ownage Pranks, it makes up for it with users having more interaction during calls.

Unlike your standard prank call app which sets off an automated prerecording at the start, this app displays a selection of responses you can choose to reply with (typically giving you two to three scripted response choices). 

Users can also dictate the pace of the conversation; choosing when prerecorded replies should occur. Whether you decide to respond every 5 seconds or intentionally interrupt your victim while they speak is entirely up to you.  

The Prank scripts themselves are also quite diverse featuring funny, recurring characters such as Tiny Tim. Popular prank scripts include Tiny Tim- I Scratched Your Car and Girl From Class. 

For users who thoroughly enjoy the app and wish to make multiple prank calls, free credits are provided every day. To make even more calls you can also purchase extra credits within the app.

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