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You can avail any app from third party websites and apps. The official app stores are not the only ways to install apps anymore. Apps like TutuApp gives lots of fantastic apps that includes paid apps  that are for free. You must be shocked to know that there are plenty of great tutuapp alternative which you can get on your iOS and Android device.

TutuApp no doubt is an amazing app, but not all the users have a good experience with it. It’s a Chinese based third-party app store, which is a deal breaker for lots of non-Chinese people.tutuapp alternative

If you desire to look for the best tutuapp alternative, then I bet you will find the app that you want. Before we begin with the Apps like TutuApp, let’s talk about TutuApp itself.

What is TutuApp ?

TutuApp is a third party app store introduced by Chinese developers. TA large number of applications can be downloaded from this app. It’s not a rocket science to download and use. You are provided with all types of functions with TutuApp app that includes cleaner, information about your storage, app history and download history. If you are familiar with Google play store and apple app store, then there’s not any issue regarding TutuApp.

You are allowed to play famous and well known games like Pokemon Go plus which is one of the most hyped games of last year. Pokemon go plus is the reason why TutuApp is now a very popular app. Consult more with this guide to get more information about apps like tutuapp ios 11 as well as apps like tutuapp for android.

For those who are not comfortable with the TutuApp here are the best apps like TutuApp.

Apps Like Tutuapp

Apps like TutuApp | TutuApp Alternative

  1. vShare – one of the best alternative for TutuApp as far as i have experienced. It’s a trusted app. vShare is available for both iOS and Android devices. locating through the app is also very easy. Concerning with the compatibility, you can run this app on almost all the Android and iOS device. The app also has paid version which can be accessed by a pro member only. If you are not a pro member, you cannot even buy the paid version.
  2. Mobogenie Market – Mobogenie Market has almost all the features of TutuApp. This app is one of the best apps like Tutuapp. It’s English language able to understand everything of this application easily. It has a huge database of apps and provides apps which are not even available on Google play store and apple app store. Any app that you desire to download are for free.
  3. GetJar –  The oldest app on this list. You can avail to the database of apps of different countries. Those who are not allowed to download those apps in their country, then they should go for this app. A great app for TutuApp alternative.
  4. Opera Mobile Store – Its mobile browsing experience makes it well known. But only a few people know about the Opera store. Anyone can find any type of application easily  You can also search any app that you like in the search bar. It is an add-on which you can download for free and add it as an extension in Opera browser.
  5. Apk Mirror – Consists of the LARGEST database of Android apps in the form of apk files. You can get an Android app for free. No registration process required. This also has a third party website from where you can download an apk file that you want directly. iOS users should not use this app, because it’s not for them.
  6. SlideMe –  Another great third-party app store for Android users. Though it does not have a Large database but it is the trusted one. You can find apps which are not available on Google app store like the TubeMate that are helpful app to download videos from YouTube. You can search any app on the search bar.
  7. Hipstore – A great market where you can download apps for free With a huge database of apps. You don’t need Google IS or any account to register. You can download apps right away
  8. App Cake – One of the features of app cake that makes it different is that you can create your category apps. App cake is linked with iOS platform, and it is a very popular third-party app store for iOS users.
  9. The Amazon App store – Amazon is widely known for its e-commerce site. Now Amazon has its own app store where you can download and install apps with an official permit from the developers. It has a very great user experience, probably the best on this list.
  10. PP25 – Consists of large library of apps, and all the apps available in PP25 are free to download. Its search engine supports your regular English keyboard. It consists of a great user interface, but the experience can be annoying to most of the users since it is Chinese but once you get used to it you won’t feel like it is a big of a deal.
  11. Tongbu – It allows you to connect your device to your computer and laptop so that you can transfer files easily. This app also works on iOS device and you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad to download apps. All the apps that you download seems that it is a legal downloaded app.
  12. Aptoide –. All he apps here are for free. But it provides all sorts of apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Candy crush, Twitter and Facebook etc. It has a great user interface. This app can relate more to the alternative of Google play store because you will get Free apps as well as paid apps in Aptoide.
  13. Tweakbox – It is available for iOS device paid apps for free. Obviously you will also get free apps. It does not have a great user experience but that can be forgettable since it provides paid apps for free.
  14. Zeusmos – It gives a large database of apps for free. Paid apps can be download and install for free.

There were some of the tutuapp alternative. You can download all such apps like tutuapp for free. If you have any query regarding tutuapp alternative read more with the tutuapp alternative.

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