2DS Emulator For Android And iPhone!

If you don’t own a Nintendo 2DS device but still have cravings for this classic Nintendo games then no need to look for the Nintendo device, simply download the 2DS Emulator on your Android or Apple phone and enjoy the fun. There are many emulators out in the market for all kinds of devices however in this post we will talk about accessing the 2DS Emulator on your Android and iPhone.

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Best 2DS Emulator for Android

The best 2DS Emulator would definitely be the HappyChick which is essentially a complete package to cater to all your requirements. It isn’t completely an Emulator but has multiple emulators in it and you will not have to access different emulators for every game you wish to play.

  1. For downloading the 2DS Emulator and to get it operating you must access the Settings from within your Android phone.
    • You must then go to the “Security” section where you should turn on the “Unknown Sources” option. Doing this will let you install the apps which are not uploaded on the Google Play Store.Enable unknown source for 2ds emulator
  2. Then you must go to the web browser that you generally use and access the following website www.happychick.hk
    • When you are directed to the designated page you will find all the characteristics of the Emulator listed there. Right beneath the page you will see a button for Download.Emulator Related Image
  3. Click this button and the downloading process will begin. You will see a warning message regarding the app simply ignore it.
  4. Now access the APK file and complete its installation on your Android phone. Then launch the app you will be looking at a Chinese app with two options Agree and Disagree. Click the Agree button and the app will let you go ahead.
  5. When you have accessed the app, you must begin searching for 2DS Game which you would like to play. In the results a list will appear stating the game type and the language in which the game is available.
  6. Look for the game you wish to enjoy and then choose it. On the proceeding page you will find a download button right beneath the page. Hit this button and the game will begin downloading.
  7. You will find two files getting downloading. This is due to the fact that Happy Chick is side downloading the game with the 2DS Emulator that is required for operating the game.
  8. When both of the files have finished downloading, launch the “Play” section from within the inside the HappyChick app where you will find your chosen game downloaded.

This method works without having to root your Android phone and the best part of Happy Chick is that you will not have to downloading any Emulators separately or any Game ROMs to enjoy all your games. You can do these steps to download any game you like.

2DS Emulator for iPhone

Downloading the 2DS Emulator for iPhone can be a bit more technical than the Android because Apple by default does not give permission to any Emulators to work on iPhone and you may need to jailbreak your phone to get this working however there is a method to do this without jailbreaking which is described below.

Without Jailbreak

Downloading 2DS Emulators on iPhone without it being jailbroken can be technical and it might stop serving its purpose after a few days but you will be able to enjoy the 2DS Games on NDS4iOS emulator however if you want to use Happy Chick then following is the method.

  1. Open up the link from your Safari browser and visit the tab that says “Regular” on the page you are directed to.
  2. Then hit the Download button and let the app complete its installation from within the pop up window that appears.
  3. Now you must hit the Home Button and allow the installation procedure to finish itself. When TuTu App icon appears on the Home Screen, you should trust the profile developer by going to the Settings of your phone.
  4. To do this go to Settings section and then to General and finally to Profiles where you will have to trust the profile developer for the TuTuapp.
  5. Then access the Tutu App and start searching for a full stop.
  6. You will be shown a list of the apps that are under a Chinese name. In this list you will see a Happy Chick icon and you can download it by pressing the Green button.
  7. When the installation has finished itself, you can download the 2DS Emulator for which you must Click here from the Safari browser, and you will be taken to Cydia where your permission will be needed. Let the source addition in Cydia and then hit “Return to Cydia” when the source has been added. .
  8. You can then search for Happy Chick here and complete its installation just like you would for any other app.

Windows PC with 2DS Emulator

iDeaS is the Perfect NDS Emulator for the Windows. Have you noticed that the letters D and S are the upper case letters i.e. capital letters? This basic and easy emulator allows you to run any of the NDS ROM on your computer. One of the negative point of this emulator is that you are supposed to install the ROMs separately from the internet.

NDS emulator for Windows 10

I suggest you to just download those ROMs that you have already purchased legally and officially from the Niantic store. It might come under the radar piracy if you try to install any of the other game. And i will not be responsible for any of the action you perform.

2ds emulator download

Install the Emulator with the help of this link provided . It can also be used for any of the 2DS or 3DS game files.

Mac OS with 2DS Emulator

Are you a user of Mac computer? If yes, then there might be not many emulators for that but I have found a 2DS Emulator that works satisfactory. Here as well you need to install the ROMs separately and attach it from the ROM file.

  1. Install the 2DS Emulator DMG from the link mentioned this link. After the completion of the installation you have to tap it twice from the section of the downloads.
  2. Now just drag the DeSmuME file and drop it into the Applications folder.
  3. There might be a requirement to enter the password of Mac for the complete installation.
  4. Open the file from LaunchPad.
  5. Download the ROMs of your favorite games and run in inside the 2DS Emulator for Mac.

As a conclusion, I can say that Emulators are a great way of playing your liked 2DS games. If you think that this tutorial helpful then do let us know…. Till then Enjoy.. 🙂

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