Game killer APK Latest Download Guide !

Folks today we will be catering to a topic you all have been waiting for, The Game killer Apk Download. We will also talk about how to mod games using the Game killer APK file that is hardly of 500 KB and yet performs wonders. So if you are an Android user then this tutorial will something you would want to read and follow.

How to Mod Games Using Game killer APK ?

Gamekiller is a highly beneficial tool to have on your Android device which operates through the modification of the memory of the data blocking your phone where the numbers basically configure to things such as games and coins. Here is how to use the Gamekiller APK:

  1. Complete the downloading process of the Game killer APK .
  2. Then finish installing it, launch the app open and give it root access.
  3. Then minimize the Gamekiller APK App by tapping the arrow sign on top right side of the page.
  4. Now you can open the game that you would like to mod using the Gamekiller APK App such if you wish to ramp up your coins in Subway Surfers.
  5. Keep playing this game for some time until you have your wanted counter.
  6. Then tap the icon for Game killer on your Home Screen to access the UI.
  7. When the text box shows up, type a specific value from where your counter had stopped. Then hit the search button and enter the following AUTO IDENTIFY.Image result for Game killer APK
  8. This will generate thousands of results according to the game.
  9. Now keep playing the game and pause it as the game stops at another counter value.
  10. Once again at this point launch the Gamekiller APK App and type in the counter number in the search bar once again.
  11. You will see that the search results would not be as much as the last time, in fact you will only find five to six results this time.
  12. Look if there is a value with DWB in it and if there is one you must edit it however if you cannot find DWB then you can take a shot at editing all the values or redo all the steps from 9 till 11 until you have only one result at the end of it.
  13. Simply tap on it and type in your number which you wish for the value part and then hit OK.

Steps to successfully install Game killer APK on your Android device

The process of installation for Game killer APK is a technical one indeed but we have covered it in detail below for your ease so no need to worry:

  1. In the first step of course you must finish the downloading process for the Game killer APK The link for the download is here .
  2. Simply tap on the link given above and your web browser that you use will prompt the downloading process.
  3. Now before you begin with the installation of the Gamekiller APK file you have just downloaded, there is something you need to do first. You must give permission to install files from untrusted sources. This safety measure is by default there to prevent malicious software from infecting a device.
  4. But we give guarantee for the Game killer apk in the link above to be free of malware.
  5. To enable these unknown sources, visit the Settings section from your Android device. If you are using stock ROM, go to the Security section and enable the “Unknown sources” after which hit the OK button but if you are using custom ROM, you must search for s matching option that relies on ROM. If you still cannot find it then try searching in Settings section.
  6. Visit the folder where the Gamekiller APK file is saved and click the file to launch it open.
  7. Then tap on the Install button to finish the process.
  8. This will take some minutes to install but depending on your phone will be quick.
  9. And folks here you are good to go ahead and use the app.

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