Xbox Emulator Android Will Let You Play Unlimited XBox Games!

Do you love Xbox and cannot afford it? Then no need to worry, even a simple Android device will fulfil the purpose of Xbox. Yes! You can now play all of your loved Xbox games on your standard Android device. In fact not just your Android device but any tablet that you own as well will work just the same for the Xbox games. If you haven’t already guessed it then today in this post we will be guiding you on how to play all of your loved Xbox games on your Android Phone using the Xbox Emulator Android without needing to root.  In this guide, we will make use of the XBox Emulator Android, APK file which can be accessed from the link stated in the guide below. Keep reading folks!

How to use the XBox Emulator Android for Playing the Xbox 360 games on your Android Phone ?

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The first thing you need to see is that the Xbox 360 game you wish to enjoy on your Android device must not be equipped with heavy 3-D graphics. Even though the tablets and phones of Android are becoming more advanced with every passing day, Xbox 360 has highly advanced graphics processing device and games like GTA 5, Crisis and Battlefield 3 cannot be played on the Android device.

So the thing is folks that you can only play games of Xbox on your Android phone that does not have heavy graphics. Simply keep reading below and enjoy some of the best XBox 360 games on your Android device free of any charges.

  1. First of all you need to connect your Android phone or tablet that you wish to use for playing Xbox game with a secure and stable internet connection available in your vicinity.
  2. Then open the web link given ahead for downloading the XBox Emulator for Android APK file on to your Android phone or tablet. The download button is given below :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  [button-green url=”” target=”_self” position=”Center”]DOWNLOAD[/button-green]
  3. There is one other thing you need that is to download the Fly VPN app using this web link Fly VPN is needed as an XBox emulator app which is only present in China so consequently you have to build a workaround on your IP address making it look like a Chinese IP.
    • Now you must launch the Fly VPN app and get connected to a Chinese server. For better understanding, see the image below.
      xbox emulator for android free download
  4. Then you must access the APK file that was previously downloaded to run the Xbox Emulator and complete its installation just like you would for any other app. If you are using the APK file installation process for the first time, you will be shown a warning note. Visit Settings > Security and enable the “Unknown Sources” and then try installing the APK file once again.
  5. When the APK file has been installed, you will be looking at a Chinese app on your Android tablet or phone. Remember this is the best XBox Emulator Android but it is available in Chinese.
    • Click the highlighted button as shown below and you will be signed in to the XBox Emulator Android. Remember that the graphics of the game are being transmitted on a server based in China and you should have a connection with high speed to enjoy the games without any emulator android apk download free
  6. Then comes the time where you will be asked to choose your favorite XBox game from the shown library and click the Chinese button.
  7. Give it a few minutes and the game will then launch. You will now be looking at a gamepad on your Android device’s screen and you will be able to play the game by assistance from the game pad.

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