What are the basic proving plan of the Aweber

When it comes to pricing, then according to the AWeber review from Petar, the AWeber review is considered as the best deal among all other email services which is used for online marketing. It can readily help you in expanding your business at a very worthy cost and you are also given access to enjoy the service for about a month as a free trial. 

And the best part of using the AWeber is that you are paying for only the subscribers and other than that as suggested by AWeber review peter is all free to use. The basic price plan of the AWeber is based on the number of subscribers a businessman wants for his email service to expand his business. You do not need to check the pricing according to the feature they are availing to you as it solely depends on the number of subscribers they are using. 

But the biggest advantage is that it is a slow platform of doing the business and thus it is the least favorite for some of the businessmen who are ready to pay the big amount for promoting the sale of their products in online marketing. But still, it is at number one position in the field of features. 

What do you get in basic AWeber plans? 

To get 500 subscribers in the email service of AWeber, you have to pay only 19$ per month and to increase your subscribers to 2500, you will have to pay then 29$ per month. In 49$ per month, you will get the list of 5000 subscribers in your hand and in the plan of 149$ you will be able to get the payment of 25000 subscribers. For 50,000 subscribers, you will be made to pay 239$ per month and if you pay 369$ per month, you will be getting 10,000 subscribers in your list which is the maximum that any email service can offer you. 

Here, you can notice that everything you are paying for is only for the number of subscribers and you can access the features of three AWeber for free as mentioned by the AWeber review from Petar. When compared to the other email service, you get to know that the service the AWeber is providing you is a little expensive but due to the free features, maximum people opt it. They offer you only one user account to use where you can send unlimited emails using the feature of the autoresponder. 

It works automatically and without any such hassle, you can use it. For about more than 700, designs of templates and graphics are available to you and you are also given access to change the design of the template by changing its background, font or even the color and thereby you get a new email editor for yourself to use. Also, the colorful templates that they provide to you are little old fashioned and are also outdated which also adds up in the list of advantages. 

Well, the service of reporting and analysis is better than any other email services as suggested by the AWeber review from Petar and also it can easily manage the list of subscribers and fragment and segment them on its own and thus it shed some burden from your shoulder and does the hard work on its own on your behalf. 

More than 600 stock photos are availed to you by the AWeber so that it can make your business platform to get a professional look and it also provides you with the user-friendly form which can understand what exactly you want from the email service and in return you get to use the desired feature for free along with the landing pages. There is no service of the newsletter to review about them to be sent to their customers, and due to this many subscribers get attracted to your business platform and eventually helps you in expanding your business. 

There is no spam testing and thus your email does not get into the spam section of your subscribers which they naturally tend to ignore and along with that, you get the custom domain to enjoy. You are also availed with the service of email, phone, and live chat in order to remain in touch with your subscribers and resolve their problems and also work on their feedback.

Is there anything new that you must know about the pricing plan of the AWeber? 

You have to keep in mind that whatever you are paying for is only the subscribers and in case if your subscribers unfollow you or unsubscribe your service then you need to remove him from your list as it will still be considered as your subscribers. So all you have to do is to check on the list of your subscribers on a regular basis and save yourself from paying an extra amount of money which will be going to waste. 

As the other email service for online marketing offers the feature of bumping to the next tier automatically if in case the number of your subscribers exceeds more than paid or if it crosses the limit, the AWeber also provides you the same service. If there is any user in your list who is not delivering and is added on your list for nothing and is a hard bounced then they are automatically removing which helps you in saving the extra bucks that are wasted on the undeliverable users. 

Also, the advantage of using the AWeber email service by the businessman for expanding their business on the online marketing platform is that they can easily unsubscribe the email service of the AWeber at any time without paying anything. For managing the email marketing and also the newsletter, the AWeber email service is still not considered as the best service when compared to the other. But still, you can use it for the exciting features they offer you to use for free. 

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