How to Download and Use Kingroot APK Latest Version ?

Kingroot APK is a highly useful and free for access rooting tool for Android devices to help you’re your devices in a few simple steps. The best part is that Kingroot is compatible with multiple devices and it is possible that if your device hasn’t been rooted by other tools before then Kingroot APK will not fail you.


  1. Visit the above link to Download Kingroot APK and then access this file from your file manager.
  2. If your device shows the warning for “Installation Blocked” then to fix this visit the section for Settings and go to Security where you must place a tick mark in the box for “Unknown sources”.
  3. Once the app has installed, launch it open from Home Screen.
  4. The window will either display “Start root” or “Fix Now”.
  5. Click on the button that says Fix Now and give it some time to root your Android device.
  6. If your Android phone is supported then the rooting process will end in a few moments. When this is done you will be shown a message “rooted” and that is when you can avail all the features and tools that Android has to offer.
  7. Access the Google Play Store and complete the downloading for the Root Checker app in order to verify if your rooting has been successful.

Benefits of Rooting Android using Kingroot APK File :


When you get an Android phone or a tablet, it will come equipped with many default apps that you might use or not use. These apps then take a lot of your Android device’s space for no reason and cannot be removed as well. If you wish to get rid of these apps, then you must root your device and that is where Kingroot APK comes in.

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If you remove the Bloatware, you will end up saving tons of space in your device’s memory which is important if you want to install other apps on your phone that you actually would use. These apps also keep operating in the background, eats up your battery and RAM hence removing these apps will not only enhance the life of your battery but will make it much rapid in performance by easing up space on the RAM.


Whenever you sit to enjoy your favorite game or use an app that you really need, you will be annoyed every now and then by constant advertisements. Even though we owe many amazing app experience to these advertisements but they really are irritating. Furthermore when these apps pop up or show notifications they also install malicious software hence blocking them by rooting your device is something wise to do.

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Your phone performs multiple tasks simultaneously until you turn it off otherwise your phone keeps working each second in order to give you an enhanced uninterrupted receiving mobile connection signals, operate background apps, run the clock and believe it or not these tasks do drain your battery.  The only fix to this is by charging your batter however if you root your device then you can enjoy the perks of an improved battery.

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Even though there is an option for backing up games and apps on your device without it being rooted but you cannot make a back up of the data a particular app is using or the progress level an app is on. This means that whenever you access these apps using the backup it is essentially the same as reinstalling any app or game from the Google Play Store. When you are rooting your device using Kingroot APK you will also be able to backup the app data. This means that when you restore these apps it will show you the same place where you left it at the last time.  Hence this kind of backup is definitely more beneficial and easier to handle.

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When you have rooted your device, it is indeed possible to undo it back to original so under any case if you want to unroot your Android device, you must follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the installation of SuperSU app using the Google Play Store in case you were operating any other root managing tool.
  2. Access this app once installed and then visit the section for Settings.
  3. Keep scrolling down until you locate the option for “Full Unroot”, then click on it.
  4. That’s it! Your device is now back to what it was.

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