Reverse Image Search for Detecting Frauds

Along with the rise in the social media, the chances of the misusage of the images also have increased. We daily post several pictures on our social accounts for example on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and even after setting privacy there are still possibilities of someone duplicating your photos and posting them as their own or on several other websites.There are millions of accounts for different applications and thousands of websites that have pictures on them. It is tough to visit every account one by one and see who is using our images. Moreover, for sites, it is almost impossible to open them all and check each corner of them to check a picture. We all don’t want our pictures to get used but to be very honest no one has that much free time to check each profile for a picture.

Nowadays, for every difficulty, there is an application launched. In the same manner, the tool named Reverse image search has been introduced. We have gone through many applications that ask for the data to be inserted into the given boxes, but this tool wants the user to enter that specific picture in the box.

Unlike other applications, this reverse image search does not need to be downloaded. If there is no space left in your device and you can not delete any already downloaded application still you can have access on this tool. Mac, Linux, OS and from all other devices you can open it up and start using. There is no unique device required for its procedure.

Reverse Image Search
Have not used any such tool before? And are thinking about the procedure? Don’t worry; there is no hard and fast rules or training required to use it. The process is straightforward and understandable for everyone which makes this application more user-friendly. After opening up this Reverse image search tool, you will see a box on the screen of your device. In that box, you have to insert the picture you want to check. You can enter it from the gallery of your device. After inserting you have to click the check button. In a few seconds, you will see whether someone has misused your image anywhere without your permission or copyrights. Moreover, it will also give similar pictures like your inserted image which makes it more accurate.If you work or own a company, It is essential for a company to stay unique which makes it more competitive and can give it a competitive advantage. So after posting a picture about a product of your company with a slogan, you can keep checking if someone has duplicated your image or not and if any person has used it, you can take them to court or sue them.

Reverse Image Search Privacy Terms :

Reverse image search can be used by the parents as well. Parents are usually worried about the privacy of the pictures of their children. So this tool can keep them satisfied, and they can keep an eye on their kids as well. There is not any limit on checking images on this tool so not only yours, you can review the personal pictures of your other loved ones to keep the privacy up to the mark. You can insert both a big as well as a tiny picture in this tool. The size of the image doesn’t matter, and the tool will give you an accurate result no matter what. Another benefit that users
like us can gain from this application is that if we submit a low-resolution picture of it after getting checked, we will get an improved quality image. This tool will make the image of high-resolution, and we can upload it anywhere; it will also make us gain more likes on the picture.Or for business, it will be able to attract more customers.

The images that are checked from the tool can be deleted from the cross option and does not get saved anywhere. It is the application made for the privacy of the users and keeps them satisfied. If you usually worry about the privacy of the uploaded pictures and wonder that who else is using or even misusing your image you can check from this tool. It will search from millions of accounts and will give you accurate results.

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